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June 24th, 2013

08:08 pm: The First Two
Always know where the ball is, always.

Always know where the ball is going to be, always.


July 3rd, 2008

05:56 pm: ugh i'm os hungry and the pork chops won't defrost and they are like stuck together

i have 2 calendars at work and i only look at one of them and on 7/1 like 4 ppl told me to change the claandar i don't look at to july so i just threw it away

and now the porkchops are like taking way too long to cook

March 22nd, 2007

12:47 am: And maybe a post
So here is a post on LJ. My hair is getting shaggier and greyer, and I do prefer grey to gray, though it should be noted that the grey hairs are not grey at all but actually bright white, and thicker than the brown ones. And the skin on my face is looking older, the pores and the lines and the tiredness and the the scars that bookend Minneapolis.

But about optimism and loneliness, and being a spectator. (In short, to have or to be.) I say, I do this or I do that. I am teaching. Can I say "I am a teacher"? Have I taught? Is that all it is to be a teacher? If I stop teaching do I stop being a teacher? Acting and more acting and having and putting on but it comes time I need to know how to put it on from the inside. I think that to be both a perfectionist and a romantic (to have perfectionism and romanticism) is a volatile combination for which the romantic in me hopes the best and the perfectionist in me tries to make sure the outcome is true and the skeptic (where did the skeptic come from?) is still fairly unsure about any of this nonsense.

It seems some decisions are ours to make and some are not but nobody really knows which are which and so forgive me if I sit down when I should stand or the other way around, but I'm pretty mixed up about all of it and I like feeling that way better than thinking I know when I don't even know how to know and what that even means.

I'll paraphrase a friend who paraphrased an author whom he believed to be Jack Kerouac: "If you own a rug you own too much." And I can understand how to agree with this idea, but I think we each have different rugs and I think that facts are a lot like things we own. Some are helpful, some are pretty, some are not really ours and some were there when we moved in. A fact can help you explain, sometimes important, information; but facts rarely compete with winks, handshakes, hugs, laughs and so on when we want to explain something truer.

To be present to be here is a vulnerable place to be and maybe it isn't or shouldn't be but I am new at it and it makes me feel shaky. But I have always wanted to love in present way, in a moment-to-moment forever way and being present is the only way I can think of how to do it but I fall down so much and get so tired; I don't think I am doing it right.

January 9th, 2007

07:47 am: A joke from a dream and a summary.
Hey there people!

This morning the following dream woke me up laughing:

I'm at a fast food place with people my age. An adorable little boy, maybe five years old, comes up and says:

"Knock, knock?" Then we say, "Who's there?" And then he says, "I don't know." And then we say, "I don't know who?" And then he says, "I don't know who is there because my sister didn't tell me that part of the joke yet."

So, I've been in Korea almost two months now. What am I doing here? I am teaching at a type of school they call "Academy," which is like a private school students go to after regular school. The kids go to lots of school. When you ask them what they did over the weekend, they usually either say "studied" or "slept."

Our school is focused on teaching English. There are also math academies, and sports academies; lots of different types. This semester I am teaching reading, writing and listening classes. My school teaches elementary and middle school, but I teach only in the middle school. I am starting to get more comfortable teaching. Some classes are great, and some really try my patience. But, at the end of the day, they're just kids that are working very hard and are better students than I ever was.

I live and work in Suji, a part of a city called Yongin. It is south of Seoul, but not too far. It is easy to go to Seoul on the weekends. The population density here is pretty overwhelming. That and the language barrier make it hard to feel like you're really part of the society.

I joined a gym that I got to to use the treadmill. I spend most of time on there worrying that I'm going to fall off of it.

I'm learning a lot about myself here, and I am trying to make the most of my time here, but I am also planning on coming back to the grand old u s of a when my contract is up.

Anyway, this is just a quick and general update in a public forum, so I'll stop here. I'm happy to email with people if there are things you want to know about or see photos of. Go ahead and comment if you feel like it. I really appreciate that LJ is helping me keep up with you guys back there.

Hope you're doing well,


If you are interested in seeing what Korea looks like, you can check out my photoblog: http://picasaweb.google.com/simmons.matt

December 11th, 2006

10:14 pm: I made a phoblog!

Pictures of Korea are here. Also, do yourself a huge favor and watch this delicious slice of kpop RIGHT NOW:


November 23rd, 2006

06:42 am: I live and work in Yongin.
So, I'm in Korea, right?

Yeah, and I'm like teaching English to these kids, ok?

Oh, you know what? Korean kids are cuter than American kids. They are.

I'm still settling in, getting used to food and there being Korean everywhere and everyone is speaking Korean. I'm starting to learn the alphabet, though.

Today I spent about 15 minutes looking at fabric softener trying to find detergent, which was in a different aisle. I thought this was a language problem, but then I remembered I wasn't that good at shopping in the U.S. either.

Today was the first day I ate American food in Korea. I went to Subway, and on the bag they spell Korea K-O-R-A. I know it's tricky when spell check doesn't pick up proper nouns, but the only other word on the bag is "subway." Come on.

People drive crazy here! I think it is only a matter of time before I get hit by a car.

I really miss being in America, even though I am excited for my time here. I really enjoy hearing about stories from home, because sometimes I get so tired of listening to broken english or having to speak slowly and in simple words. Even if I spend all year learning Korean, I'll still only be like a five year old. That is discouraging, but it would be nice to be able to order food and do other simple things without help.

Oh, and if you could please send over a decent cup of coffee, I'd really appreciate that.


October 24th, 2006

09:42 am: Me, Mpls, Jug, 331, Haunted House, Burlesque, Saturday!!!!!

This Saturday the Como Ave Jug band is playing at the 331!!!!!

They are building a haunted house!!!!!!!!!!

There will be tap dancers!!!!!!!!

There will be 3D strip shows!!!!!!!!!

Drink specials!!!!!!

My last stand in mpls before I head off to Korea!!!!

I'd really like to see you there!!!!!!

Exclamation points!!!!!!!


October 11th, 2006

09:18 pm: MPLS here i come jug show 10/28!!!!
Hey there all y'all...

i'm heading up to the mpls rocktober 28th for a halloween jugshow at the 331.

i turn 27 the day before (golden birthday!) and it's only a few days before i leave for korea.

i really hope to see as many people as i can while i'm up there.

i miss you!!!!!


October 10th, 2006

04:27 am: i saw a scandal tonight and i thought it was romantic

i've been having a great night, day, life....

friends and family

good cats


the past, with its memories

a good smile

a good smile is great.

October 3rd, 2006

10:27 am: What I did in September
At the beginning of September, I moved from Minneapolis to Madison, with the intent of staying at my mom's until I moved overseas to teach english. Living with my mom and her husband and my sister erin has been really great, actually. Very different from MPLS, but very relaxing and i've been able to focus a lot more on my future, etc.

After a few days back in madison, i went out to Los Angeles to visit my aunt and uncle and go record shopping. This was an amazing experience and I definitely want to get back to so. cal. a.s.a.p. Hooray for the sun!

Then I came back to Madison for a few days and headed about an hour south to the city of Argyle to spend a week with my grandparents at their summer house on a lake. It was awesome and peaceful and I got to visit a lot with my grandparents who are very cool. While out there, I came up with my idea for the Jug Ranch.

After that week, I came back to Madison and started looking for a job. A placement agency in South Korea contacted me to start looking to get me a job there, and yesterday I was offered a job that I am planning on taking. I should be leaving around November 1. Which puts me in a tricky spot of finding a job for a month in madison.

Two days ago on sunday i ran a marathon in milwaukee, which i ran in 3:44:36. 493rd out of 1,981 runners (top 25%), 41rst out of 123 25-29 year olds (top 33%), and 383rd out of 1169 males (top 32%). I am still very sore.

After the race I came down to chicago with my sister cassandra and her husband, and I am at their condo right now. Should be back up in madison wednesday, where i hope to find a lot of quick cash and prepare for south korea. I am hoping to make it up to minneapolis for halloween.

And that is what I did in September.

August 28th, 2006

01:21 am: Two Albums I'm Enjoying
1. Benjamin Diamond - Out Of Myself

The voice of "Music Sounds Better With You" brings a delightful pop album sure to win the hearts of romantics who like the nice side of Phoenix.

2. Mach Fox - Mach Fox

I've been listening to quite a few local cds and I really like this one. Catchy, fun, informed, swinging, funky, gritty, sexy. A very solid and dynamic effort. It's about time people are making music like this at this level, if you ask me. Can't wait for more!

August 20th, 2006

01:49 pm: I went legitimate record shopping yesterday! and it felt RAWSOME!

picked up a bunch of sweet 12"s that i've been looking for for a long time. some psb, new order, hubert kah, lil louis, lfo, klf, etc. some seriously wikkid records.

most of them only cost a dollar! i haven't felt that rush for at least a year now. it was awesome.

my mood has been changing really fast and unpredictably recently. i'm sort of stressed out about moving.

the new smoosh cd is everything it should be and nothing it shouldn't. please, for your sake, give them a listen.

i'm liking hollertronix related stuff. i'm looking forward to what they do next. it's clear to me that they can rock a party as djs, but i think their production needs to be stepped up a little bit. they are moving in the right direction, though!

i made soup today. it tastes boring. i'm washing it down with live wire soda. part of why it tastes boring is b/c i made a LOT of it, and i would like to be able to share it with my roommate tom who is a picky eater (but likes jalapeno and peperoni pizza).

can you believe the booming success of myspace? and what about these gas prices?

i went to a twins game the other day and it was fantastic! this is a recounting of my favorite part: we're down 3-2 coming up to bat after the 7th inning stretch. and who comes up to the plate but joe mauer, the famous twin city power-slugger! and guess what song is booming over the system?! T.I.'s "What You Know"!!! Which is apparently mauer's theme song. (awesome!) And everyone's chanting "Let's go, Joe!" The whole stadium is on its feet. it was pretty rad. The Indians had now doubt that they were in Twins Territory.

Have you been reading Garfield? Jon's got a girlfriend!? WTF!? Good for him, though.

bbiab, afk


i watched this movie called Genesis the other day. It's been on my mind constantly. it's sort of about evolution, maybe. the same people made another movie i'm interested in seeing: Microcosmos.

i just found out my friend ellen moved to st. paul from indiana. she is really a neat one. i also recently found out that my friend kelly is moving away from madison. she is really neat, too.

i think it's ok to get up and eat and go to work and come home and eat and relax and go to sleep. we should rise and set as the sun does, don't you think?

next to me is a piece of scrap paper. there are two things on it. a dead bug and a phone number. the former makes me want to throw it away, the latter, to save it. and so it sits next to the computer going on 4 or 5 days, maybe more.

violence is interesting.

July 18th, 2006

12:42 am: Leaving MPLS
[crossposted in myspace]

With many deep and mixed feelings, here is what is up with me:

I just found out tonight that my landlord has agreed to go on a month to month contract with us in the upstairs apartment. this is good, b/c otherwise i would have no place to live august 1.

However, one of the three of us remaining plans on leaving at the end of august, which leaves tom and me in a peculiar situation, as we won't be able to afford the rent.

Our option then becomes to find a new roommate, or move on.

I am applying at companies that hire people to go teach english in foreign countries. the date i am telling them i will be available is November first.

Where will I be for Sept and Oct?

I am entertaining the idea of moving to madison or milwaukee, more likely madison, to be closer to my family as i prepare to teach overseas.

i realize that this raises a lot of questions, and i am sorry for making this notification so informal. I look forward to the opportunity to talk to each of you about this personally. Mostly, I just wanted people to know as soon as possible.

June 28th, 2006

12:04 am: JUGBAND MOVIE!!! Wednesday @ Varsity!


i just got back from jugband practice. tomorrow will be huge. this is THE jug event to go to. All of our shows are lots of fun, ask people who come to every one of them. BUT! Wednesday night is going to be enormous.

FIRST OFF, the Gilded Age and the Brass Kings are also playing, and they are sweet.

THEN we are screening the Mystery of the Stolen Jug. (peep the trailer on our myspace.)

TO TOP IT OFF we will be playing an all-killer set. a few new songs and all the stomping classics you all love already.


i have to work the next morning, too, so i don't wanna hear about it.


wednesday, 6/28
varsity theater, dinkytown
7 - doors
8 - music
930 - movie
10 - JUG
$6 - cover

June 26th, 2006

12:20 pm: If you went into a record store....
Where would you first look for these:

Louie Vega?
Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez?
Masters at Work?


Hip Hop?



The way I have it now is like this:

Louie Vega: Electronica, V
Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez: Turntablism, D
Bucketheads: Electronica, B
Masters at Work: Electronica, M

12:17 pm: Spankrock
Should I get the new Spankrock regular version or the instrumentals?

I haven't really listened to the album, but i think i'd probably get tired of the ghetto-licious lyrics, making the instros a better investment, b/c those are what i'm really buying it for. anybody out there think the rapping needs to be heard?

also, the regular version is a gatefold, and the inst. is a generic sleeve. boooring!

June 16th, 2006

12:52 am: )\*\_:_\*\...

June 7th, 2006

01:59 am: when you're up, you're up
and when you're down you're down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down

June 6th, 2006

05:27 pm: Satanic Jug Show @ Lee's
Hey there's going to be a free jug show at lee's liquor lounge you should go to.

May 23rd, 2006

12:25 pm: I MADE A MEME!
You have to do this and post it in your journal or something won't go your way later and you'll not know why until you remember that you didn't do this AND post it in your LJ!!! This is a meme you have to do!

1. Who are you?
2. Bored or boring?
3. When will you die?
4. Do you like to go camping?
5. What is love?
6. A number?
7. Recall a dream in rich detail.
8. An idea for a comic strip?
9. Why are you sad?
10. In the water or out?
11. What was the last piece of meat you ate?
12. Was the last piece of meat you ate delicious?
13. Prettiest girl's name?
14. A good reason to skip out on an obligation:
15. Do you do what you should often enough?
16. Your favorite part of summer?
17. Could you have prevented your last mistake?
18. Where are your 5 favorite imperfections on your body?
19. Are you worried about the sun burning out?
20. Can you forgive her?
21. What has been your favorite part of this meme so far?
22. An embarrassing moment?
23. A secret?
24. Something you are sort of counting on that probably won't work out?
25. Do you like flip-books?
26. Giraffe or blue whale?
27. What is something someone you care about does that always bothers you?
28. Longest time spent between getting tickled and laughing?
29. Pick one: Hairy or not hairy.
30. Blase, ennui, sardony, developed?
31. Finish this sentence: The perfect elevation is ______ feet (above/below) sea level.
32. Whatever I do, I shouldn't do what?
33. Complain:
34. How will you get to the other side of the fence?
35. Where is the weirdest place you EVER woke up?
36. Shift or caps lock?
37. On the elimination of poverty:
38. When did you get glasses?
39. Age a person should have a child?
40. A favorite phoneme?
41. How afraid should one be of fear?
42. Have you answered one of these with a lie yet?
43. Pork rind flavor?
44. Do you use a pop-up blocker?
45. Have you ever gotten away with a felony? Explain.
46. Make up a new game.
47. What feedback did you receive when you identified the bottleneck in a process?
48. What does it take to get you to download an mp3? .mov?
49. Shoes or sandals?
50. Why does your body hurt so much after a long weekend?
51. Have you set a mousetrap?
52. Number one favorite location of all time, ever?
53. Night or day?
54. Popcorn?
55. The stupidest thing you do regularly?
56. Mustaches?
57. Favorite horse?
58. Shades or sunglasses?
59. Do you instruct guests about wearing shoes before they ask?
60. A good note?
61. Some news I don't want to hear?
62. A time you saw me and didn't say hi?
63. What are you doing about the things in your life that you are unhappy about?
64. Why aren't you drinking as much water as is recommended by leading health officials?
65. Where would you go to get a set of nail clippers?

May 22nd, 2006

05:52 pm: my eyes were looking at things all day today.

last night was a super fun jugshow at the turf club. it was a very crazy day for me.

i have an interview on thursday, so i'm happy about that. i think i need to get some clothes.

here are the gift cards cheapo accepts:

barnes & noble
best buy
circuit city
media play
sam goody
sun coast

need to find it fast? google search.

May 20th, 2006

02:00 pm: RECORDS!!!
OK, so when i dropped out of augsburg i tried to return my books, but they only gave me store credit, which came in the form of a barnes'n'oble gift card. to my fortune, cheapo has started accepting gift cards from other businesses, including b'n'n. the thing is, at cheapo, you have to use the whole value of the card, which was quite a bit. so i've been holding onto records for maybe two months now and finally bought them yesterday! which means i've converted my education into records, these records:

telex - moskow diskow 12"
mobb deep - have a party 12"
de la soul - a roller skating jam named "saturdays" 12"
t.i. - why you wanna 12"
t.i. - what you know 12"
freestyle - it's automatic 12"
adamski - liveanddirect lp
dsk - work my body over (sweat) 12"
infinity and grandmixer dst - grandmixer cuts it up 12"
grandmixer dst - crazy cuts 12" (w/ bill laswell on bass!)
caesers - jerk it out (jason nevins rmxs) 12"
the streets - the hardest way to make an easy living lp
craig david - 7 days 12"
ashanti - concrete rose lp
christina milian - it's about time lp
the stylistics - best of lp
air - talkie walkie lp
kriss kross - jump 12"
christina milian - dip it low (reggaeton rmxs) 12"
moby - natural blues 12"
aphex twin - richard d. james album lp
revolting cocks - you goddamned son of a bitch lp
bad brains - black dots lp
goldfrapp - supernature lp
the sounds - dying to say this to you lp
leftfield - leftism lp

and on top of all that, i got my bike fixed yesterday! everything is going my way!

May 11th, 2006

02:03 pm: Pretending that LJ is the world and that the world will listen.
So I'm freaking out because I NEED a new job and it's starting to seem like I've been doing all the wrong things to get one and it seems like pretty soon I'm going to have to give up on doing anything I think I'm good at because those skills aren't marketable and I'm going to end up at some crappy job that anyone could do but I'll end up doing it because I'm really just another kid who can't connect the dots between the dream and the reality.

April 28th, 2006

12:04 pm: JUGBAND at 331 tonight
Como Ave. Jugband tonight at 331

it's a Tuesday's Robot CD release show!!

Gabe Barnett also plays!


April 27th, 2006

12:59 pm:

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